Kitten Adoption Party

The kids got to adopt their own stuffed animal kitten, make it a special collar, name it, feed it, and even have it visit the “glitter box”!

Kitten adoption stuffed animal display
Stuffed animal toy adoption display
Toy kitten adoption center for themed party
Make a collar for a stuffed animal kitten station
Create your own collar station for a beanie boo kitten adoption center for kids party
Decorate your own food bowl for kids party kitten adoption center
Beanie boo kitten wearing a butterfly headband
Beanie baby toy kitten adoption center sign for child’s birthday party
Kitten butterfly themed birthday cake
Girls with beanie boo stuffed animal kittens for adoption center themed party
Children at kitten adoption center beanie boo themed party
White beanie boo kitten stuffed animal with butterfly bell jar decoration for kittens and butterflies party

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